Our Fitness Gear

One thing is sure; you will find only new and well maintained equipment at the gym in Chaloklum. Visit us when you’re in Chaloklum, we are easy to find. The Press in Chaloklum also claims to be the gym with the most relaxing view you can possibly imagine. In the beginning of 2016 we extended the gym area to provide more space for our guests and have more room for additional training equipment.

Cardiovascular Training (Now Downstairs):

Elliptical Cross-Trainer:  Full size and fully programmable – more than the usual machine for an island gym – The Press boasts an imported Fitmaster EB5100.  Silky-smooth, self-generating magnetic resistance and a 110kg frame guarantee a smooth, steady and comfortable full body warm-up or an intensive and effective calorie-burning session.

Recumbent Bike:  Smooth magnetic resistance, a full-size padded throne and nice view make this machine the most popular for both early morning warm-ups and marathon cardio sessions.  The reclining seat is adjustable for users of all size and the resistance is simple to control.

Spinning Bike:  In addition to the uber-comfortable recumbent bike, we have a sturdy, all-steel spinning bike with a 20kg flywheel for those looking for intensive bursts of leg or cardiovascular training (or if the recumbent is occupied!).

Rowing Machine:  For full-body toning and cardiovascular training we also have a cardio rowing machine.  It is more strenuous than bikes or running machines, but it offers unmatched core and back training compared to other cardio work-outs.

Strength Training (Upstairs):

Cable Crossover with 2x100kg plate stacks:  Truly the only machine you need for the upper body, the full-sized cable crossover can target just about any muscle in the arms, shoulders, back or chest.   Add a few grip accessories and a stability ball and there are endless options for upper-body and core cross-training.

Abdominal-Crunch / Back-Extension: Want to do sit-ups or crunches without lying on the floor?  Want to push your lower back without dead-lifts and big free-weights?  This simple machine is the answer.  The ab-crunch/back-extension machine makes doing higher-weight core exercises a much simpler and safer practice for beginners, rehabilitation, and those looking to target their lower abs/back.

Leg-Curl / Leg-Extension: This machine allows you to target and push your quadriceps (fronts of upper legs) without doing squats, lunges or using heavy weights.  The same machine functions as a leg-curl to train hamstrings and lower buttocks – muscles that are very difficult to train without special machinery.


Free Weights:

Dumbbells from 2.5kg to 35kg

Power Rack with safety bars for solo (no spot) barbell presses and squats.

2 Barbells (15kg and 20kg), EZ Bar and Triceps/parallel bar with rack.

Dedicated incline, decline and flat benches.



2 chin-up bars with narrow, wide and parallel grips

Dip bars, stability (Swiss) balls, yoga mats, training step, ab-wheel